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Cushion Pouches

Designed and developed to provide the most comprehensive protection for sensitive electronic components. A diverse selection of cushion pouches allows you to select what best fits your application.

Static Shield Cushion Pouch

Multi-layered Static Shielding Cushion Pouch provides faraday protection with E.S.D Safecell cushioning to absorb shock and vibration.

Pink Anti-Static

Multi layered Anti-Static cushion pouch: Pink Anti-Static poly, pink Anti-Static bubble; available with double track red line Anti-Static zipper closure.

Black Conductive

SECO PACK 66 & 99
Carbon based film Cushion Pouch providing a Faraday Cage Effect, Static Dissipative E.S.D cushioning, available with a double track Anti-Static zipper closure. Seco’s ultimate Conductive Pouch.

Cushion Mono Layer

SECO PACK 40, 42 & 44
Anti-Static single layer cushion pouches. Most cost effective form of cushioning protection combined with static control. Offers both cellular and bubble construction available as tuck in flap with optional tape.

Clear Bubble Cushion Pouch

Multi-Layered polyethylene pouch protects heavy or fragile items from shock and abrasion damage. Locks out dirt and secures items inside the pouch, available with a press to close zipper or with a slide zipper.

Custom Design

Call one of our experienced Service Technicians to help you design your packaging requirements. We will help you find the right materials, size, and options to fit your application. Available options may include but not limited to custom printing, zip closures, slide zipper, flaps, tape, velcro closure, snaps, adhesive backed, custom labels, foam, or reinforced holes.