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Square Bottom/Gusset

Designed to shield static sensitive devices, square bottom covers protect products from E.S.D damage, dust, and dirt. We can manufacture most any size covers ranging from inches to several feet; Seco can meet your needs!

Square Bottom Cover

Five panel protective cover which is form fitted to your specification. Square bottom covers are used both as an inner liner or a protective outer cover. Offers protection from dust, dirt, static charge, moisture, abrasion, shock and vibration. Size and quantity is not a problem from inches to feet we can meet your needs. May be manufactured with fold over flaps, velcro closures, zip closures, bottom sheet, imprinting, and access panels. Available in Static Dissipative Polyethylene, Black Conductive, Metalized Static Shielding, Vinyl, Clear Poly/Nylon, Foil Barrrier, Static Intercept, Cushion Materials (Bubble & Foam), and Custom Films.

Bags made to order

Side Gusset Bags

Open Top bags that have an added side gusset which allows for a much wider opening than a standard open top bag (requires larger quantity orders). Economical alternative to a square bottom cover and may be manufactured as an individual cover of perforated on a roll. Available in Polyethylene and Static Dissipative Polyethylene.

Bags made to order