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Open Top/Zip Close

Seco offers a complete line of stock E.S.D bags and we can custom manufacture to meet your requirements. Any size, gauge, closure or cover we are your source for Anti-Static packaging!

Anti-Static Polyethylene Bags

SECO PACK 132, 122, & 142
E.S.D (Electronic static discharge) protection available as pink, blue, or clear polyethylene bags. These bags eliminate the hazards of static damage to electronic components, reducing a 5,000 volt charge to under 500 volts in less than two seconds. Offered in standard and custom sizes with a press to close zipper, slide zipper, or as an open top bag.

Metalized Static Shielding Bags

Most common form of E.S.D protection. Creates a faraday cage effect with E.M.I and R.F.I protection. Multi-layer construction, manufactured from industry approved polyester/metal/polyethylene laminates. Available as an open top, press to close zipper, or with a slide zipper.

Black Conductive Bags

Volume conductive material made from a single layer of carbon loaded polyethylene. Creates a faraday cage effect with E.M.I and R.F.I protection. Available as an open top or with a pink red line press to close zipper.

Conductive Grid Bags

A high performance flexible film with a conductive grid pattern to dissipate Electro Static charge. Excellent puncture resistance, transparency, faraday cage protection and reusability. Available as an open top or with a pink red line press to close zipper.

Clear Anti-Static Vinyl Bags

One of the highest rated puncture proof films in a non-laminated structure. Highly reusable, durable form of E.S.D packaging. .0065 Mil in thickness.

Custom Polyethylene Bags

Seco can manufacture most any size and gauge bag or cover you request; square bottom, gusseted, flat, custom shapes with zip closure, tape, or velcro closures, with the addition of custom printing. We love a challenge!

Clean Room Bags

Our clean room maintains a Certified Class 100 and Class 1000 and are recertified on a bi-annual basis. Your bags (polyethylene, moisture barrier, poly/nylon, foil/poly, vinyl, or E.S.D polyethylene) are manufactured in accordance with your individual specifications and/or the most current federal standard. After passing final inspection using our in-house laser particle counter, your bags will be double bagged, vacuum sealed, and labeled with non-contaminating Clean Room labels.

Corrosion Copper Static Intercept and Black Static Intercept Bags

Corrosion intercept (Copper) provides Anti-Corrosion protection neutralizing all corrosive gases. Intercept protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as preventing galvanic corrosion. Not designed for E.S.D applications.

Static Intercept (Black) combines E.S.D protection with unequaled corrosion protection. The dual functionality of static and corrosion protection is what makes the technology so unique and revolutionary.