SECO Industries is an industry leader in the development and production of innovative packaging solutions to the aerospace, computer, cannabis, pharmaceutical, electronics, medical and consumer products industries.


Since 1982, companies have turned to SECO for its expertise, innovation, quality, and quick turnaround time to meet their packaging needs. Furthering its commitment to providing quality packaging and to complement its range of offerings.

Quality and innovation have been the defining characteristics of SECO Industries since its inception. Our customers continually challenge us with new packaging needs and applications. In turn we challenge ourselves to continually research and develop new materials and combination of materials to meet those needs. Many of our customers’ needs can be met with our stock products that have become the standard in many industries. However, it is our innovation and inventory that sets SECO Industries apart. Our reputation for design, customization, and manufacturing to submitted specifications is renowned and growing. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of film types including static dissipative polyethylene, metalized polyester, military specifications, corrosion protection, fire retardant, printed materials, clear and foil barrier films and cushioning products.  Additionally our new Slide Zipper Slide-Guard technology developed to meet FDA and Poison prevention requirements, has opened opportunities in flexible packaging not previously available.

We maintain a certified Class 100 and 1000 Clean Rooms to accommodate all critical Clean Room applications and ensure that our products adhere to the highest in current industry standards.

We at Seco are not co-workers, rather extended family.  You are our partners and though that a valued relationship is forged.  We believe that the greatest technology in the world hasn’t replaced the ultimate relationship building tool between a customer and a business: the human touch.  Contact us today for all your packaging needs!

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